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Volume Trading Mistakes

Chart = Red and green volume bars

1/ Red and green volume bars

It is a misconception to consider the red coloured volume bars as bearish and green coloured volume bars bullish.
A red or green volume bars illustrate the total sum of shares that have been transacted (both buy and sell).
For example if traders bought one million shares of the XYZ stock and on the same day, others sold two millions shares, then the daily trading volume is three millions.

2/ Stock do not always rise or fall under a light trading volume.

This is another misunderstanding about the volume stock trading because it is false. The truth is that a financial instrument can rise on a light trading volume provided that the initial buyers do not divest or are still holding the stock.
In fact the light trading volume in this instance regroups the additional buying activities in an up trend.

3/ The trading volume takes precedence over the price-action in technical trading.

That is wrong but also naive. In this case, one is making trading or investing decisions based on the trading volume instead of the price-action.
The best approach would be to acknowledge the volume bar but wait for the price-action's confirmations
(without assuming anything). Truly, it is costly (in fact unacceptable) to trade technical indicators or the trading volume instead of the price-action.

4/ Rising Trading Volume In A Down trend Signals The End Of The Down trend

One should avoid that misconception about the trading volume.
All trends bullish or bearish require more trading activities. Usually, one will notice an initial surge in trading volume at the start of the trend or a gradual rise at the early stages of the trend.
Warning: One must always investigate any surge in trading volume (activities) to ascertain whether those are buyers or sellers.

One may consider the trading volume as the fuel that sustains the trend or price-action (momentum).
Therefore, without a sufficient trading volume, the trend may stall. Similarly, if the initial trading volume that is supporting the trend in no more available (distribution or divesting), the trend is susceptible to reverse.

5/ Volume Trading Is All One Needs To Profit In Technical Trading

That statement is only partially true because one could substantially improve volume trading if one also knows how to combine it with candlestick patterns, Elliott wave principle and Fibonacci.
For example, it is common to see a surge in trading volume at the following levels and zones:
1/ the sweet spot,
2/ Fibonacci zone, 138.2% Fibonacci extensions level,
3/ during the first Elliott wave, start of third Elliott wave and during the fifth Elliott wave.