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Scalping Times Frame

Do you scalp trade on the ten-second, one minute, three-minute, 5M, 10M or fifteen-minute chart?  What is your favorite scalping time frame?  

Generally, most scalping traders are scalping on the 5M and 15M charts, but there is another group of traders that are scalping on the 1M or times frame lower than one minute.

For me, I love to scalp trade on the 3M chart just because it suits my trading style.

I also use the TSTW24 trading system to scalp trade on the first best time frame.  Like myself, other traders may have different reasons why they scalp trade on such and such

time frame.

Nevertheless, the question is "is that time frame helpful to you?"

Do you understand why it has been useful?

Sometimes, a scalping trading strategy will perform better on a time frame than another.  For example, scalpers that are gambling with the overbought and oversold slow stochastic prefer the 15M chart.  On the other hand, beginner scalping traders use the 5M chart because they want to take more scalping trading signals.

After all, successful scalpers understand why they want to use 3M, 5M or 15M charts.  So before one even starts fighting about what is the best time frame for scalping, two conditions must be in place.

1/ Be a skillful scalper or scalping student trader.

2/ Have a viable scalping trading method, strategy or system.

When those two conditions are in place, one will gradually spot one's best scalping trading time frame.

To know how to scalping trade, one can do the following:

1/ read scalping trading materials, 

2/ watch videos and tutorials,

3/ use a demo trading account to build scalping trading skills,

4/ keep asking relevant questions to clear all misunderstandings,

5/ and keep learning until one realizes that one is now ready to

   compete with the best scalpers.

The funny thing is that traders that are scalping more frequently are those that are losing.  Those who are better scalpers are scalping trade during the first two hours when New York or London opens.  After that, they shut down their scalping trading stations until the next trading session.  

To make the matter worst, those that are struggling do not

bother to go through the process of learning before throwing money all over the place.  Alright, I have done it myself as a new scalper.  That is why I understand, and I can share my experience here.

If one has failed on those two conditions, one must stop scalping and go back to the blackboard; unless one wants to waste more money.  In the case one is addicted to scalping trading, one should admit it and seek counselling.  

Go to your doctor or a qualified person and say "I need help because I am addicted to scalping trading or lower times frame financial markets speculative trading.  Please help."

Really, that addiction is a gambling addiction.

One does not take time to learn the rope of scalping.  One does not have a scalping trade strategy, but one is addicted to scalping trading.  That is an addiction to financial markets gambling.  One should not deny it, but look at oneself in the mirror and say "oh yes I need help."

My view is that a competent scalper can scalp trade on the 3M, 5M, 10M and 15M scalping times frame.  

I will not talk about the one minute or ten-second times frame because I do not use them.  Therefore, I can not recommend those times frame.  Those who are scalping trade on 10 sec and 1M charts must be very agile and know what they are doing.  That is all.

I will be writing another article about how to scalp trade on the 10 sec and 1M charts.  For now I will say to those scalpers on ten-second and one minute charts to look only for tiny profits of three to five pips maximum per trade.  

3M Chart Scalping Trade Time Frame

1/ Look for your favorite trading setup on the hourly chart.

2/ Check if the ten-minute chart is aligning with the hourly chart trade setup.  

3/ Now check if the 3M chart also aligns with the ten-minute chart before making the

decision to buy or sell.

5M Chart Scalping Trade Time Frame

1/ Follow the first step like the one of the 3M chart scalpers, but use 2H and 4H charts.

2/ Do the same like the 3M chart scalpers, but use the 15M chart instead.

3/ Enter the trade on the 5M chart when the 5M chart aligns with the 15M chart.

The Ten-Minute chart scalping trader will follow the same procedure by combining daily, hourly and ten minute charts.  So one is entering a scalping trade on the 10M chart when it aligns with the hourly chart.

A simpler way to stop fighting the price-action and market patterns (channels) is to prepare oneself before the scalping session.  For example a 3M time frame scalper will go to the hourly chart and draw every channel and trend line.  5M time frame scalping traders will do the same thing on either 2H or 4H chart.  

Finally, those that are scalping trade on the 10M chart will draw channels and trend lines on the daily chart before switching to the ten-minute chart.

Alright, that is all.  I feel really good after sharing those scalping tips and tricks with you.

1/ Learn to scalping trade.

2/ Have a viable scalping trading strategy.

3/ Understand why one is using 3M, 5M, or 10M chart for scalping trade.

My recommendation for the best scalping trade times frame are 3M, 5M, 10M and 15M charts.

Though others do use 10 sec and 1M charts, I do not use them.  As a scalper on 3M, 5M, 10M and 15M charts, one will also learn how to set a stop-loss, and constantly pay attention to the risk-reward ratio before considering to use a trading setup.  

Use a demo trading account while learning to become a better scalper.  Always be an agile scalper who is ready to cut losses before they turn big.  Also understand that an agile scalper is the one that is consistently banking profits.  By adding more profit to the scalping trade account, one is protecting the initial trading fund.  

Really a scalper should not deplete the trading fund to the point of wiping out the trading account.

On that note, I wish you the very best in your scalping.  It is a journey but how one prepares oneself for it will surely help.  This is about scalping trading times frame that I would recommend.

Please feel free to share this article today, and see you on the other side.