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Predictive Fractal Patterns

Image = Predictive Fractal Patterns

To forecast the financial markets such as

Forex, stock, commodities and futures markets, market participants often rely on the Elliott wave patterns.
Nevertheless, only few use the predictive fractal patterns to forecast the market. This article will help traders and investors to discover the power of fractal patterns in the financial markets. Today fractal pattern trading can no more be ignored.

What Is A Predictive Fractal Pattern?

It is a chart pattern that duplicates itself on various time frames with precision.
For example, a specific fractal pattern may appear on the five minute, hourly and daily charts. Though, its size may vary from one time frame to the other, its shape, form and structure do not change.

The predictive fractals are originally developed by Mr Benoit Mandelbrot a French American.
Though, Mr Benoit Mandelbrot was not a financial market trader, his discovery becomes a powerful tool to forecast the financial markets and predict in real time the price-action.

In this instance if a trader recognises a fractal patterns on various time frames, he or she may forecast the next price action on a higher time frame as soon as the same pattern begins to form.  Fractal trading is an advanced trading strategy.

Primary Characteristics Of Predictive Fractal Patterns

1/ Fractal patterns maintain their structures on different time frames.
2/ Fractal patterns reach their full shape on a lower time frame before the next higher time frame.
3/ Their form and shape do not change irrespective of the time frames they appear on.
4/ Fractal patterns attain bigger size on higher time frames in comparison to the lower time frames.
5/ Fractal patterns can appear on any time frame.
6/ It is always easier to forecast the last part or portion of a predictive fractal pattern.
7/ Predictive fractal patterns are completely different from the normal fractals.
8/ Fractal patterns are powerful tools in the arsenal of the best analysts who want to forecast the financial markets with precision.
9/ They are similar to Benoit Mandelbrot fractal patterns.
10/ Fractal patterns are easily detectable by the advanced patterns recognition software readily available today.
11/ The first and unique fractal pattern often appear on a lower time frame but not always.
12/ A predictive fractal pattern may also appear for the first time on a higher time frame before duplicating itself on lower time frames.

How To trade Predictive Fractal Patterns

1/ Example One

First, one detects that a  appears on two or three time frames.
For example an expanded flat correction pattern appears on the
fifteen-minute and four-hour charts. And in both cases the expanded flat correction pattern is completed.

2/ Few months later, one discovers that the same pattern is under way on the weekly chart but not yet completed.

For example, the weekly chart only exhibits
a double retracement with almost the same structure like the ones noted
on the fifteen-minute and four-hour charts.

3/ As one already know the pattern's exact structure, one can easily forecast
the next price action with 70% precision.

4/ One will now use a top-down trading method to capitalize on the high probability trading set-up.

Application Of Predictive Fractal Patterns In The Financial Markets

With the advance of the electronic trading, and patterns recognition software, it is now easier for traders to screen for fractal patterns. Indeed, a pattern recognition software can help find a repeatable pattern on various time frames.

Elliott wave traders use the predictive fractals to forecast the Elliott wave cycle. By using the structure of the first and

second Elliott wave, an Elliott practitioner can forecast the structure of the whole motive wave and corrective phase.

It is noted that the motive wave often duplicates the structure, form and shape of the first Elliott wave, but the corrective

phase duplicates the structures of the second wave. Indeed, those are real time applications of the predictive fractals.

Whether, one is dealing with the Fibonacci patterns such as Gartley, butterfly, crab or bat pattern, one should be ready

to spot the predictive fractal Fibonacci patterns on various time frames. There is no limit to what traders can do with the predictive fractal patterns. They are powerful, but one should take sufficient time to master this topic.


The predictive fractal patterns are truly the holy grail of the financial markets forecasting tools.

It is useful market prediction tool for day and swing traders as well as position traders or investors.

Though, it is not a scientific formula, it allows those who master it to have a tremendous edge in the

financial market. If there is truly a leading technical indicator, it has to be the predictive fractal patterns.

Many algorithmic trading software rely on the predictive fractal patterns. Moreover, if there is a secret

about successful financial market trading, it will be the predictive fractals of Benoit Mandelbrot.

Now watch videos about fractals trading.