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                   What is market watch?


It is about knowing how to apply thoroughly the trading triangle in all trading decisions.

If one is trading Forex, stocks, commodities or any other financial instruments, one must first trade the market.  The market watch involves paying attention to all seven markets leaders before making a trading decision.

It is also about  knowing how one can accurately use the six critical price levels.  Top down market analysis is the best approach.  This is about the market's analysis before the sector and the individual financial asset.  

No serious market analyst can disregard the leaders, the fundamentals 

and the economic news


Critical price levels

1/Smart high (SH) is the range of the current five years including the current year.

2/ Smart low (SL) is the low of the range of the current five years.

3/ Smart range (SR) is the range of the current five years.

4/ CPL 1 is the first critical price level.  It is the opening price of the previous year.

5/ CPL 2 is the closing price of the previous year.  It is the second critical price level.

6/ CPL 3 is the third critical price level.  It is the high of the previous year.

7/ CPL 4 is the low of the previous year but also the fourth critical price level.

8/ CPL 5 is the opening price of the current year.  This is the fifth critical price level.

9/ CPL 6 is the sixth critical price level, the most influential price level but also the technical fair value of a financial asset.  It is the smart median line or SML.  All critical price levels are crucial for a successful

market watch 







 SML = [(SH-SL)/2] + SL 







(Smart high minus smart low) divided by two plus smart low 

Advanced market watch

DSML is a dynamic smart median line.  It is a smart median line

that is changing.  When there are more than one smart median

lines in a year, the first SML is the root smart median line or

RSML.  Every other SML above or below the RSML is a DSML.  

The result of an expanding smart range (SR) is a new DSML.  


A dynamic bullish or bearish financial asset, can create many

dynamic smart median lines.  However a financial instrument

that is consolidating on the yearly chart may fail to expand

the smart range.  In this case the RSML will not change for a

year or more.  This is a static SML or SSML.  


A static smart median line that remains in place for more

than a year is a very powerful SML. SSML, RSML, SML

and DSML are essential trading tools for an excellent

market watch.

Seven market leaders

Successful market watch consist of paying attention to

the seven market's leaders. This about the heart of the

trading triangle or the top down market analysis.  When 

the seven market leaders are bearish, one must give

priority to bearish trades and vice versa.

Below are listed the seven market's leaders.

1/ Google (GOOG)

2/ Apple (AAPL)

3/ International Business Machine (IBM)

4/ MacDonald (MCD)

5/ Caterpillar (CAT)

6/ Exxon Mobil (XOM)

7/ Boeing (BA)

The most influential market's leaders are Google and Apple.  

They are the leaders for Nasdaq 100.

IBM, MCD, CAT, XOM and BA are leaders in Dow 30. 

Google market watch

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