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Gap Trading Q&A

1/ Explain the first Elliott Wave gaps and how to trade them like a pro.

2/ where and when do opening gaps often occur?

3/ what is the number one characteristic of the first wave gaps?

4/ what is the fundamental characteristic of an exhaustion or fifth wave gap?

5/ when and where do continuation gaps often take place?

6/ why do continuation gaps infrequently get filled?

7/ what are the three indispensable steps one should take when a financial

instrument gaps up or down?

8/ What is a speculative gap?

9/ Name three factors that produce speculative gaps?

10/ which gaps are more liable to be filled?

11/ which gaps are repeatedly partially filled and why?

12/ when does a third Elliott wave gap conclusively get filled?

13/ How does an island chart pattern develop?

14/ how many gaps are there in an island chart pattern?

15/ Give a synonym to a continuation gap.

16/ Name at least seven factors that can generate stock gaps.

17/ why is it critical to know the structure of a type of gap?

 Play List: Gap Trading Clear Understanding

Description: Become a competent gap trader and understand clearly

how to trade gaps like a professional trader.  Have a thorough

understanding of different types of price's gaps that occur in the

 financial markets.  Know when and where an exhaustion, continuation

or opening gap is likely to take place.  Start improving your gap trading now.


18/ when and where do exhaustion gaps repeatedly occur?

19/ when and where do opening gaps often occur?

20/ which trading gaps method should one apply for a continuation gap?

21/ which trading gaps method should one relate to an exhaustion gap?

22/ which trading gaps method is appropriate for an opening gap?

23/ why is it beneficial for gap traders to become skilled at how to count

Elliott Waves?

24/ why is it vital for day and swing traders to adopt a top-down trading

method when they spot a gap trade setup?

25/ which gap over and over again take place during the fifth Elliott wave?

26/ which gap habitually crop up during the first Elliott Wave?

27/ which gap regularly comes about during the third Elliott wave?

28/ what the 138.2% Fibonacci extension does have to do with gap trading?

29/ what is a gap?

30/ Name a stock gaps screening software.

31/ Subscribe to a gap trading You Tube channel.

32/ Check out this play list about gap trading.

33/ what is an island chart pattern?

34/ what does it take to grow to be a superior gap trader?

Image: "Candlestick stock chart that is displaying

               a breakaway gap"

Video: Practical Preparation For Gap Trading Like A Po

Description: Practical preparation for gap trading like a pro is unique gap

                 trading video that teaches day and swing traders how to prepare

                 for a technical gaps trading with more confidence.  Start on the right

                 foot with your gap trade setups.  Learn more now and start improving

                 right away.




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