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Day Trade Predictive Fractal

How To Day Trade Using Predictive Fractal Patterns?

To day trade using the predictive fractal patterns, I recommend the following
predictive fractals day trading tactics.

Fractals Day Trade One

Go to the 3M chart, and keep your eyes wide open without blinking. See if there is a distinctive predictive fractal pattern.
If there is one or more then good.  If there is none, do not force it or invent it, but come back another day.

If one has finds a predictive fractal pattern on the three-minute chart; one will switch to the hourly chart and check if the same pattern is under way (is being formed).  If that is the case, one will now implement different times frame day trading tactics.

The inverse is also true when one is searching first for the predictive fractals on the hourly chart before switching to the three-minute chart (to trade it right away as it is being formed).

Fractals Day Trade Two

In this example, a trader will follow the same steps like the ones discussed earlier, and will implement the same fractals day trade tactics on the five-minute and two-hour charts (both way) instead of the three-minute and hourly charts.

Another day trader can also use the hourly and daily charts for the same fractals day trade tactics.
A day trader may also use the same predictive fractals on the weekly and four-hour charts.  The trick here is to use the four-hour chart as the day trading set-up time frame instead of the weekly chart.  For those purposes, first one identifies a predictive fractal pattern on the weekly chart.  The same pattern is now under way on the four-hour chart.  As that is going on on the 4H chart, one will switch to the fifteen-minute chart for the signal but will only enter the trade on the three-minute or five-minute chart.

A day trader can deploy the same predictive fractal pattern day trading method by dropping down from the monthly to daily chart and use daily chart predictive fractal pattern that is under way as the day trade setup.
One will then break it down
by combining daily, hourly and ten minute charts for different times day trading purposes

Fractals Day Trade Drill

1/ Isolate a specific predictive fractal chart pattern on either 3-minute, five-minute or hourly charts
then switch to the corresponding higher time frame.  Check if the same pattern is being formed on those times frame before using a different times frame trading method.


If one is using the predictive fractal patterns for the first time, one ought to trade it cautiously especially if one is new to the topic.  Many times, a day trader will get carried away with the exciting topic of the predictive fractal patterns and lose substantial amount of money before mastering it.
It is pointless to get oneself in that situation.  Please stay cool, and use a demo account while learning to master the predictive fractal patterns of Mr Benoit Mandlebrot.


One can use the predictive fractal patterns for day trading in the financial markets.  It is simple and not too complex.  Nevertheless, it requires that one proceeds step by step. One should always follow the trading drill to avoid day trading mistakes. Moreover, one ought to recognize understand that one is using the predictive fractals to forecast the price-action, but anything is possible.  The forecast is always an expectation, and one ought to wait until that expectation becomes a little bit more real.  Sometimes, a predictive fractal pattern that is forming, may not reach its maturity.  For example, a distinctive fractal pattern that one identifies on the five-minute chart may initially starts on the two-hour chart, but will quickly fade away or turn into something that one is not expecting.

It is prudent to take it one step at a time without rushing.  One wants to make sure one is using the predictive fractal patterns more accurately to boost day trading strategies.  Usually, one will be rewarded plentifully if all work well.
The advantage of using predictive fractal patterns day trading tactics is to get ready for a specific price-action before it even begins.  The ultimate aim is to flow with the next price move as soon as it starts instead rushing ahead.
Therefore, it is paramount that a technical trader adopts the mindset of a day trader when day trading with the predictive fractal patterns.  That means, making sure that one gets paid at the end of the day.  Moreover, one is not using crazy stop losses too.