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CCI Trading Mistakes

It is one thing to know about CCI indicator and another to understand

CCI trading and avoid CCI trading mistakes. A common CCI trading mistake

is to sell anytime the CCI indicator is overbought, and buy when it reaches the

oversold zone. The old days of misusing the CCI indicator are over. One can begin

to polish CCI trading from the get go if one understands the ultimate role of the CCI

indicator. Indeed, each technical indicator is unique, and has a specific function.

One can not use a hammer to drill a screw into a wall. The same is true about technical


Quite often, technical traders spend time trading the CCI indicator instead of the price action.

For example, a technical trader who sells just because the CCI is overbought is selling the CCI

indicator instead of the asset. The CCI may decline while the price continues to rise and vice versa.

As one begins to give precedence to the price-action or wait for the price-action confirmations, one

will quickly avoid common CCI trading mistakes. One will also make better CCI trading decisions

as one endeavour to avoid the biggest trading mistakes in the financial markets.

To help CCI traders to master the CCI indicator like a pro, I have been posting practical CCI trading

videos on YouTube over the years. Many traders today have used those practical CCI trading tips

and tricks to improve their CCI day and swing trading without guessing it. I have also compiled

CCI trading video playlist to teach traders how to use the CCI indicator like a pro.

All one needs to do is to make a decision to end the old way of trading the CCI indicator and

begin to learn how to trade the overbought and oversold CCI trading signals more precisely.

My intention is not to talk about the CCI trading theory like everybody else but to teach technical

traders how to master the CCI indicators for good. It is possible to master the CCI and become a specialist CCI trader today. To achieve that goal one must first be able to recognize CCI trading

mistakes and bypass them every time. In fact there are no more excuses to keep losing money just

because one continues to repeat the same old CCI trading mistakes.

I do not know how long it will take to get there, but one thing is certain is that one can begin to

improve CCI trading today if one starts following the correct steps to trade the CCI trading signals

more accurately. The problem is not the CCI setting, but how one interprets the price-action with

the CCI trading warnings without repeating the same old CCI trading mistakes.

Take the first step today and watch the playlist gradually without rushing.

Be sure to take and use a demo account to practise until you become a better CCI trader.

The playlist will help one to master the oversold and overbought CCI trading, CCI's crossing

the zero line, and understand how to confirm CCI trading signals with the price-action.

Do not give up, but continue to improve steadily in your own pace.

Get started.