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  1. What is the Master Key For Day Trading?

    The Master Key for day trading is a superior but simple day trading tool for serious traders in order to achieve successful day trading day after day

  2. Who can use the Master Key for day trading?

    Anyone who is serious about day trading and who is willing to enjoy day trading

  3. Is the Master Key suitable for new traders?


  4. Is the Master Key a difficult complicated trading system?

    No.  It is a simple but powerful trading tool to assist traders in enjoying day trading

  5. Is the Master Key a software?


  6. Is the Master Key a trading robot?


  7. Is the Master Key a trading system?


  8. What is a trading system?

    A trading system is a simple trading method based on simple rules, and indicators that anyone can place on their chart and use in order to achieve consistency.  It is a trading tool that one can learn to master in order to develop the mind set of a professional trader.  All professional traders have their trading systems which they use day after day.

  9. Why is it too important to have a valid trading system?

    It is important to have a valid and a reliable trading system because it is the tool that will assist you in recognizing excellent trading opportunities, in locating the best entry point, in filtering out fake signals and to harvest your profit and to know when it is time to exit the trade.  Doctors, Pilots, Soldiers, and all professionals have their tools.  Have your tools too and trade like a pro

  10. Is the Master Key suitable for experience day traders?

    Yes, it will give them the unfair advantage in tough merciless trading environment. 

  11. What is the advantage for using the Master Key for day trading?

    Contrary to many trading systems, the Master Key for day trading is carefully built to perform in the most difficult day trading environment.  When many day traders have a very bad day, you will count yourself as lucky person.

    Day trading is a tough competition, make no mistakes of that.

  12. I am looking for a simple but reliable trading system that I can use to improve my day trading results. Can I use the Master Key for day trading for better results

    Our prime goal is to give to traders tools that work. 

    Nothing more.  Nothing less.  The only thing that will stop you

    is you, yourself.  Day trading is not for gambler or lazy traders but for serious traders new or experienced

  13. Will my charting software be compatible or suitable for the Master Key ?

    Yes.  All charting software that allows you to put and set common trading indicators can be used.  

  14. What can I trade with the Master Key for day trading?

    Major indices like DOW jONES, Nasdaq, S&P500, FTSE100, CAC40, DAX30. NIkkei, ASX, emini, stocks, currencies (forex), crude oil, gold, futures, silver, metals.

  15. Is trading exactly like gambling?

    No, no, no.  Traders use tested and retested tools with discipline and excellent top of the range risks management for consistent gains.

    May God have merci on you if you want to gamble in the stock market.

    Do not try it.

  16. I hate using any forms of stop loss, and I believe with the Master Key for day trading, I do not need at all any stop loss, right ?

    Wrong.  We highly recommend the use of stop loss in all trades even in the case of excellent high probability trades.  It is a madness not to use a stop loss. Please use it.

  17. I am an honest gambler looking for fast big easy money, will the Master Key for day trading assit me in doing just that?

    No.  Sorry, the Master Key for day trading is for those who are willing to trade like a pro.

  18. Is the Master Key for day trading a system that never fails? I hate losing ok

    The winning rate of the Master Key for day trading is 80%.  This is well above average winning rate of many trading systems.  Trading involves risks and it is important never ever trade with money, you can not afford to lose.

  19. Can day trading be enjoyed?

    Yes, we believe and know that day trading can be enjoyed.  No questions about that.  However, each trader is unique, some will excel in day trading but perform poorly in swing trading.  On the other hand some will enjoy more swing trading than day trading.  Having said that it is possible to perfectly learn to day trade and to enjoy day trading.

  20. I buy trading systems after trading systems, and I think, they are all waste of money and useless, will you agree with that?

    Nothing will replace you as a trader when it comes to making trading decisions.  That is why, we disagree with the use of trading robot unless you built the trading robot yourself and understand the system behind the trading robot. You do not need to buy trading systems after trading systems but many traders find it very difficult to develop the mind set of a professional trader and learn to master and be fluent in their trading systems.  Many will will abandon a trading system after two to three losses and start looking for the next best trading system.  When you come to us, you mean business to become a better trader that is capable to recognize clearly excellent trading opportunities and to understand the language of the price and to take control and be fully responsible for your trading destiny. 

    Yes some systems are truly useless, and there are many out there but the question is:  Can you trade like a pro?  Or are you willing to trade like a pro?  There is no middle way. 

  21. Iam a serious trader willing to trade or learn to trade like a pro. Will the Master key for day trading assist me in my day trading decisions

    Yes.  The Master Key for day trading can make your day trading enjoyable.

  22. Is the Master Key for day trading for swing trading?

    Sorry, no.

    Our ultimate tool for swing trading is the TSTW SYS 08, the unfair advantage trading system for both day trading and swing trading but master of swing trading.  This can be obtained at

  23. Is the Master Key for day trading only?

    Yes, only for day trading and day trading only. 

    Competing with the best day traders out there.

  24. What is the winning rate of the Master Key for day trading?

    The winning rate of the Master Key for day trading is 80%

  25. Have you back tested the Master Key day trading?

    No, we do not back test but live test. 

    Live testing mean using real money testing when the market is open with real data.  There is no substitute for live data trading with real money.

    All trading systems that fail the test and the retest of live trading must be discarded without second thought.

  26. I have been taken to the cleaners in the past by some rogue systems sellers, why should I trust you now?

    First never ever trust anyone except yourself when it comes to trading.

    Without integrity, there is no future.  Many systems sellers come and go but we remain because our integrity stands firm.  We do not sell you a system and let you go but we make sure you understand it, you master it and become fluent in it so that you can enjoy it like us.  A trading system is a tool, and it is important to learn to use it more efficiently.  A valid trading alone does not deliver the goods but a valid trading system with somebody who knows how to use it will win.  And it take a bit of time to get there.

  27. I have lost a lot money because of trading systems, I have been using in the past, what do you say to that?

    It is always painful when one lost money and it is not a nice feeling.

    However, it is not helpful if you blame something else for it.  First, you must take full responsibility for all your trading decisions and take a piece of paper and write down all your mistakes, your weaknesses, your tendencies but also your strength.  Then give yourself simple easy goal that will assist you in controling your weaknesses or at least to avoid repeating the same mistake over and over.  You may read my own story

    at  I hope that can make you understand that all new trader struggle in the very early stages of their trading life.

  28. Now why that name of : Master Key For Day Trading?

    Day trading is a tough competition, and it is very difficult to achieve any substantial gain without a double edged trading tool.  Many day traders win today and give back everything tomorrow, weeks after weeks.  Only those who hold the master key for day trading are enjoying day trading.  Day trading successfully is the previlege domain of the market specialists.  Any time you enter a day trade, you are directly competing with the best brains out there and they do not take prisoners.  Please google market specialist.  These are expert top of the range day traders.  The master key will not beat the market specialists but it will competete proudly with the market specialists.  Simple tool but powerful.  Do not underestimate what the Master Key For Day Trading can do.

  29. I am a butterfly trader moving from one trading system to another trading system, why should I stop buying systems after this one?

    If you have been buying systems after systems, chances are there many things that you did not understand about the systems.  When you understand a system, when you learn to master and be fluent in a valid trading system, you will not throw it away.  We always guide those who purchase our trading system to become fluent in using them accurately.

  30. Can I mix the Master Key day trading system with another trading system?

    No, every trading system must be used seperately and its rules followed

    This is about discipline.  Before, I use to hate the word discipline but now I understand it. 

  31. Why do you disagree with trading robots

    I have used trading robot in the past but what I have noticed, is that:  they do not give you the power, the ability to trade like a pro and to fly away like a free bird out of a cage.  Trading is tough but not difficult and can be perfectly learnt.  Trading systems will assist you in becoming a better trader if it is a valid system.  However, every system must be learnt and be mastered

    They must be tested and retested in live trading

  32. What is the difference between trading robot and trading system?

    Trading robot can slowly but surely make you a robot trader while a trading system can educate, form and transform you into the professional trader if you learn to master it  and if it is a valid trading system.  If you build a trading system that you convert into trading robot, you can use your own built robot because you understand and master the system behind the robot.  This is what the banks are doing.  If you are using a trading robot and you do not not understand the system hiddden in the black box of the robot, you are in fact transfering your trading destiny into the hands of the robot.  Trade like a pro or learn to trade like a pro, there is no middle way.

  33. What is the first priority of a trader?

    The first priority of a trader is to protect his or her trading capital at all cost.

    If you want to know more about risks and trade management, you may watch our excellent videos by visiting and click on

    Risks Management.  We do not compromise on the protection of our trading capital.  That is it.

  34. Can I trade with money I can not afford to lose?

    No! No!  No!  Never ever trade with money you can NOT afford to lose.

  35. Can I trade with my children savings at least?

    No! No! No!  Never

  36. Ihave $40000, how much maximum, is acceptable to allocate towards trading

    The golden rule taught by FXCM is 5%, so based on that your maximum is

    $2000.  Two thousands.  Of that $2000, the total amount of all trades placed at any one time must not exceed 5% of that $2000, which is $100 so that you never ever lose more than five per cent of your trading account at any one time.  Take it seriously, it does work

  37. Do you think that trading can be enjoyed?

    Yes! Yes! YES!  It takes time to reach that level but it is achievable.

    Trading can be enjoyed instead of being endured

  38. What is the key to successful trading?

    The key to successful trading to be able to use the right trading strategies

    corresponding to the present trading realities without trying to impose your own view on the market with total disrespect to all other participant in the market.  The market leads, you follow it and you are rewarded.

  39. Are you a financial advisor?

    No!  No! No!  I am a trader who is folowing the market, the professionals and the smart money.  My favorite sentence is:  Some are born lucky but some use tools that works.

  40. Do you support Master Key Day Traders in mastering the system?

    Yes, if you buy any of our trading systems, we will support you in mastering,

    in understanding and in apllying it accurately for excellent trading results.

    This is the adavantage of using our trading systems.  You can at any time send us emails regarding trading issues and we will surely get back to you.

    Our aim is to get you to the point where you can adopt the mind set of a professional trader and to enjoy your trades.  Trading must be enjoyed and can be enjoyed.

  41. I hate losing, what should I do to avoid losing trades?

    There is no trading system with 100% winning rate

    The winning rate of the Master Key DAY TRADING SYSTEM IS 80%

    which is quite high and above average.  The rule number one to control losses is to know your best set ups and to filter out fake signals.  When you buy when it is time to buy, you will be rewarded, on the other when you sell when it is time to sell, you will be rewarded.  The key to minimise losses is the exellent timing of your trades.  You can be right about the trade but if your timing is wrong, you may not get paid.  Please note that cutting losses short before it is too late, is important in trading. So you will win big and lose small.  The Master key for day trading will assist you with the timing of your trades, giving you the unfair advantage to enjoy your trades.

  42. What is special about the Master Key for day trading

    When we first built the Master Key For Day Trading, we were thinking to call it:  The Joker.  Then we changed our mind because, it sounds not very serious.  What we have found was that, sometimes everything looks bearish when looking at the indicators and the price but the price will turn around and run to  the upside leaving many day traders behind, counting their losses as the price is running away very very fast without  prior warning.  Another time things will look perfectly bullish but the price again without warnings will run off the other way.  Call it perfect traps for day traders.  This is why the name joker will not be a bad name for the master key for day trading.  As you can see strange things do happen in the market especially if you are day trading.  In such tough and difficult trading environment, the Master Key for day trading will not only perform but will excel proudly.  Feel free to call it JOKER

  43. Do you give free trading education?

    You may visit our channel at for many free hundreds of educational trading videos.  Our websites:

    are excellent places where you can progress your trading.

  44. Do you have other trading systems?

    We have the TSTW24, the TSTW SYS 08, TSTW SYS 008, TSTW SYS 0008 and the TSTW SYS 00008.  We have released so far the TSTW24, the TSTW SYS08.  We will be releasing the TSTW SYS 008 in April 2011. 

    The TSTW SYS0008 and the TSTW SYS 00008  will not be released to the public.  Another trading system that we have is the Swing240 which  can be obtained at  We always give for free the Swing240 to all traders who have purchased the TSTW24

  45. What is your best trading system for swing trading?

    Without hesitation the answer is the TSTW SYS 008

  46. What is the speciality of the TSTW24?

    Consistent winning trades in day trading and swing trading.

    Many can perfectly trade but few can achieve consistent winning trades.

  47. What trading system can I get for free?

    When you purchase the TSTW24, you will also get the Swing240 for free.

  48. Why do you give the Swing 240 trading system for free?

    When I started trading first, as a new trader, I was looking for a trading system that I can use, that I can count on, that I can rely on, and that can work.  I was losing abundantly and consistently until I built the TSTW24. 

    With the TSTW24, I have come out of consistent losing trades into consistent winning trades.  Whenever a trader buy the TSTW24, it reminds me of those stressful trading days and those losses.  By giving the Swing240 for free, I try to do my best in assisting the trader to become a better trader

  49. How do I purchase the Master Key Day Trading System

    Please go,  click on the web store, then click on

    the master key icon and you can pay either with credit or debit cards using the Google Check Out or using Pay Pal

  50. What is the price for the Master Key For Day Trading System?

    The price is £58 Sterling Pound which is about $87.  That is all you will pay.

    There are no hidden charges

  51. What were your weaknesses as a new trader?

    The first is impatience

    The second is: never check the economic news or pay attention to them

    And third overtrading

    These were my main trading weaknesses

  52. Will the Master Key for day trading do all the work for me without my own participation ?

    The purpose of the Master Key Day Trading System is to put you on the right path so that you can consistently make excellent trading decisions and to enjoy your day trading.  Yes it will assist you in becoming a better day trader but your participation is valuable.  You are a trader not a trading robot.

  53. Is the Master Key For Day Trading reliable?


  54. Is the Master Key For Day Trading a simple but a very effective trading tool?


  55. Do you enjoy the Master Key For Day Trading?


  56. What is the most important thing in day trading?

    The most important thing in day trading is you. Yourself, your mind set, your discipline, how you are controling yourself when it come to accurate timing.

  57. What do I need to do when day trading?

    Keep your eyes wide open and do not blink.  This is about total focus and

    concentration and do not overtrade.

  58. Is the Master Key Day Trading system a valid trading system?

    Without any doubts.  Yes.  We will never ever release a trading that is invalid.   Our view is that all trading systems that do not perform should be thrown away without second thought.

  59. Anything else?

    Many have been on this journey before you, some have reached their goal but many have failed.  Trading offers excellent opportunities and rewards but also nasty painful losses.  It is therefore important that you have at least tools that work and that you control the risks involved.  In all trading use stop loss and do not be too greedy, control yourself and enjoy your trades.

    Whatever you do, wherever you are enjoy yourself and be very very happy.

  60. Last thing?

    Thank you very much for visiting and we wish you the very best in your trading.  If you have further queries,

    do not hesitate to contact us and we will surely get back to you.

    Speak to you soon

    Thank you.


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