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Advanced Market Geometry


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The market geometry trading consists of projecting rising, declining or horizontal channels

in the direction of the price when the financial asset is rising, declining or consolidating.

Generally, when a technical trader applies the market geometry for the first time, he or she will quickly notice a real improvement. Generally, the market geometry allows advanced technical traders to pinpoint possible reversal price levels where reliable trading signals occur.
One of the best market geometry technical trading tools is the pitchfork tool. The pitchfork tool is a powerful technical trading tool that many traders often neglect. A pitchfork tool trader is also a market geometry trader. One can project the pitchfork tool like one projects a channel.  That is an advanced market geometry trading tactics.
The pitchfork tool is a reliable market geometry trading tool.

Another use of the market geometry is the projection of the angle between two trend lines in the direction of the price. Market geometry traders also apply the projection of triangles. In fact, there is no limit to what price structures, shapes or forms one can project. It is amazing how technical traders limit themselves when using the market geometry. For many, the market geometry is just about projecting channels.
However, one can do more by projecting arcs or applying horizontal and vertical projections. It is vital that one does not limit oneself to the vertical projection alone.

Different Uses Of Market Geometry

1/ To set profit target.
2/ It helps to set stop-loss.
3/ To find best oversold and overbought trading signals.
4/ To avoid trading mistakes.
5/ To manage the trade.
6/ To determine hot spot trading zones.
7/ To highlight bullish or bearish trading zones.
8/ It also helps traders to trade on the edge instead taking trades in a void.

Market Geometry Trade Set ups

1/ Intersection between a pitchfork tool and normal horizontal support and resistance levels.
2/ Divergences at projected key levels using market geometry.
3/ Stochastic patterns that occur at a market geometry key level.
4/ To spot oversold and overbought financial instruments.
The horizontal channel projection helps to spot oversold and overbought
trading opportunities.
5/ Breakout Trading
Price is breaking above or below a range or specific price structure. Use the market geometry to highlight rewarding day or swing trades on the edge of that projected range.
6/ Price is exhibiting a bullish chart pattern as it falls on to the extreme end of the projection.
7/ Price is displaying a bearish chart patterns as it rises to the upper end of the projection.
8/ One should not forget to combine the market geometry with other trading methods such Elliott wave, candlestick patterns and predictive fractals.

Multi-Talented Market Geometry

The approach to use when one is applying the market geometry trading techniques is the multi-talented trading tactics. That approach helps traders to combine various trading methods with the market geometry. For example, one can combine Elliott wave analysis or Fibonacci extensions (or retracements) with the market geometry.
One may also blend chart patterns and market geometry to help find the best chart patterns.

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